Thursday, November 12, 2009

Let's Connect with Friend Connect

Now that Google has added more social features to Friend Connect, I've decided to try a few experiments on my blog. I may try to extend these trials at work as well but for now lets see how this small test works out. The only change I've made is to attach the "Add Members" gadget to the right hand column of my blog. Stop by and sign up if you read my blog and would like to participate in the experiment. I promise not to spam anyone but it may be a way for us to have a two-way conversation as some of you have been doing by posting comments.
Adding the gadget was pretty simple. The first thing I needed to do was to just sign up for Friend Connect. After that the Friend Connect admin page was populated automatically with my Blogger blogs. At that point you just pick the gadgets you want for your site, step through some wizards, and out pops some Javascript code you paste into your template. Pretty drop dead simple.



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