Saturday, July 25, 2009

TimeMachine backup failure fixed

My TimeMachine backups had been failing recently on all my client systems. All the computers in my house use TimeMachine to back up to a central volume served up by a Mac Mini. I found that my son accidentally renamed the backup volume on the server and my systems wouldn't mount the renamed volume. I changed the name back and things still wouldn't work. No matter what I tried I couldn't mount the backup volume from the client machines. It was odd because screen sharing worked just fine but the volume wouldn't mount. Checking the system console, I found the following error:

7/25/09 4:41:30 PM /System/Library/CoreServices/backupd[2400] FSMountServerVolumeSync failed with error: -128 for url: afp://steve@mrcrab.local/Drobo

Google searches turned up nada. I found a lot of errors related to FSMountServerVolumeSync failed but nothing referring to error -128. So I performed the only action I hadn't tried: rebooting the server. Lo and behold! I could mount the backup volume and all was right with my TimeMachine universe. Most folks may have just rebooted the server but I always attempt to correct things without rebooting. Sure I may have spent more time on the problem than someone willing to take that coward's way out, but in the process I fixed a few more issues I happened to notice lurking in the system log. I think my laptop is happier for the effort and hopefully this post will help those Googling for the dread -128.



Blogger Marc said...

Dude, I've managed various help desks for the last 13 years - always, always, reboot the machine first! LOL!

8:00 AM  

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