Tuesday, May 06, 2008

JavaOne: Tuesday Keynote

Gosling designed T-Shirts were flying early in the keynote. I guess liability insurance caught up with the T-Shirt Flinging machine contests of the past. Too bad. Still JavaOne is now officially in motion. 75 hours of sessions. This is always a technology marathon.

Gosling and Gage showed a neat demo of distributed sensor network installed by Sentilla Their motes are all over the place in moscone measuring heat and other biometrics showing where people are in the conference. Interesting web site actually shows each session number with larger session numbers indicating more people in the room. The device is a lot smaller than a Sunspot.

Lots of cool RFID gadgets that link directly to all attendee badges all wired to Nokia phones. These devices are used to scan people in link before you get into the session. They are also showing off devices that measure the CO2 and also measuring electrical usage of the rooms in the Moscone center. All of them Java powered or displaying data using Java and JavaFX.

Rich Green, joined by Ian Freed showed off the Kindle which runs Linux and Java. I just bought one, but it's back in my hotel room. Really cool device but too many buttons. They need to simplify the physical interface.

Rikko Sakaguchi from Sony Ericsson announced nothing and showed a lame video. They use Java in their phones but so does everyone, errr, except Apple.

There was a somewhat embarrassing demo of a Facebook application delivered as an applet. The applet was not working in the browser, then crashed when the application was dragged to the desktop, and did eventually show up on the phone. The demo gods were not smiling on JavaOne. This demo sort of showed why people are picking Flash/Ajax for this kind of stufff.

JavaFX demo seemed to run better. There was a cool demo of an app that will browse Flickr tags. Still not earth shattering except for an interesting demo using HD video. Not practical but interesting.

Rich Green showed a roadmap for JavaFX which includes shipping JavaFX Desktop SDK in July08 and JavaFX mobile available in Spring of 09. That's pretty far out for mobile developers. I'm shocked Sun hasn't made more progress with FX since the last JavaOne. Not that I'm betting JavaFX is the next breakthrough technology but still what have they been working on?

Rich Green also went over growth numbers for Glassfish, MySQL, and Netbeans. Good strong download numbers all around. OpenJDK is also now shipping on Ubuntu and Redhat distros as well as others. That's good news.

Project Hydrazine is a new project Sun is releasing *after* they deliver JavaFX. (Summer 09?) Not exactly sure what it is all about. Looks like something like Java Enterprise System. He also mentioned Project Insight that provides some way to monetize Hydrazine or JavaFX technology. No details on this at all.

Jonathan Schwartz is now up talking about expanding the Java platform a wide as possible. To all devices. Java will run everywhere. They want to make the developer a compelling experience. They want to give developers the ability to instrument what they develop and distribute (Project Insight). Sounds like an "open" DRM? (Is that an oxymoron?) This will also all be free.

Neil Young walked out on stage! He's releasing all of his life's work on a BlueRay disc set. He is finally happy with BlueRay sound quality all with BlueJ navigation. This stuff is really cool. It's like navigating through an old music archive. All the music is very high resolution. All of it remastered. It's going to be released on 10 discs! If anything gets missed they will update it on line. Of course he's still making music, and I'm a big fan, so let's hope there are lots more updates in the future.

Neil Young also is using Java technology in his Linc-Volt car project.

Nothing really major announced. Sort of the same saw we've heard in the past about expanding Java. I think Neil Young saved it for me.



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