Monday, May 05, 2008

CommunityOne: Ruby Panel and Python Panel

These two sessions were interesting in that the Ruby/JRuby project at Sun has made a ton of progress in the past few years. JRuby has expanded the Java platform by providing not only a first class Ruby implementation hosted on the JVM but also has helped to establish Netbeans as arguably the best development environment for Ruby and RoR projects. Not bad. Plenty of good work being done.

Python/Jython at Sun is just getting started. Jython will need to be advanced to match the latest Python language version and there will need to be performance improvements but the good news is there is a lot of work from the JRuby group that can be leveraged to accelerate the development of Jython. Frank Wiezbicki said it best, "...for every decision there are four dead-ends we won't have to go down, because they have been there..."

There was an initial demo of Django running on Jython. I didn't think that was even possible with the latest Jython. I should have asked if that was actually something someone could download.

Ted Leung gave a sketch of what they want to accomplish with the C implementation of Python. Making Solaris the best platform to run Python on is certainly in the works but also things like standardizing DTrace probes for the standard C implementation is a great idea.

It's going to be interesting to track what Ted Leung, Frank Wiezbicki and the Python community can accomplish.

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Blogger Frank Wierzbicki said...

Hey GioList,

Glad to hear that I managed to get some information out -- for some reason I wasn't at the top of my game yesterday :)

Instructions for getting Django running in dev mode are here:

and to get them running on GlassFish (and really any Servlet container) here:

6:38 AM  

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