Sunday, March 02, 2008

Off to Etech

Making final preps for my Etech trip. I'm going in a day early because this year I'm attending two of the tutorial sessions. The first is "Storyboarding for Nonfiction" with Kathy Sierra which I'm hoping with add some punch to all the presentations and business documents I need to write every day. It's been a while since I took any sort of writing/communications training (yah, I know I need it) so I'm anxious to work on the craft. The second tutorial I'm taking is "Debugging Hacks: What They Never Taught You About Solving Hard Bugs" with Marc Hedlund. Here I'm hoping to find some new tricks. When I'm not writing proposals, specs and designs, I'm debugging problems in my code or other people's systems.

I'm looking forward to the conference this year. I missed 90% of it last year due to some last minute business opportunities. So I'm looking to take in the talks and make some new contacts. If you're heading to the conference say hello and if you're not watch this space or my twitter feed for my take on the highlights. Now, should I pack the OLPC or leave it home? Decisions, decisions...

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