Wednesday, March 05, 2008


The talks at Etech are typically something short of fantastic but usually the small things (hallway conversations, short demos, important pointers or references overheard) that make Etech a great conference. This year one of those things are the interactive games created by MEGAphone (site currently under construction). These games are running and displayed on the presentation screens when we shuffle in to attend the keynote sessions. The games are simple but controlled completely by cell phone. You dial in to the number posted on the game and then interact via SMS, voice or key presses. The gameplay is very Wii-like and sometimes involve participants finding each other in the hall by making animal sounds. MEGAphone's games just show how the cell phone, the mechanism most people on the planet use to access the internet, is quickly becoming a way to interact with the virtual world via voice and gestures.

Update: Apologies to MEGAphone for the bad link in the original post. Just updated it. Thanks to Chris Kairalla for the tip.

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Blogger Chris Kairalla said...

The Megaphone URL you list is incorrect. Megaphone's website is and it is very much live.

9:13 AM  

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