Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Trouble in the OpenDS Community

Neil Wilson, the former project architect of the OpenDS project, just posted this open letter to Sun Microsystems charging them with being "willing to resort to rather hostile tactics to preserve absolute control" over the OpenDS project. From his telling of the story I'd agree with him. It seems that someone at Sun has made a bad decision on how to handle this project once many of the key members of the community were laid off when Sun's Directory Engineering effort moved to France. I haven't seen any type of response from Sun. Hopefully cooler heads will prevail. Some of the recent halo Sun has is due to it's efforts in open source. A blunder like this could really tarnish what their executives are trying to accomplish.


Blogger pelegri said...

Please check Ludo's note [1] and my own note [2] for another perspective.

- eduard/o


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