Friday, November 16, 2007

Does Facebook Scale?

Does Facebook scale? If it does why do so many people tend to declare FB invite bankruptcy? The latest is Tim Bray who in a Twitter message just relayed that he'd batch deleting the volume of invites he's getting every day. I really think that social network sites really need to fix this problem. There has to be a higher bar set for invites getting through to you. Just like I don't accept all solicitations for interaction as I walk down a busy city street, social networking sites have to make it easier for me to filter such invites. Not that I have the same problem as Mr. Bray but it could start to happen to anyone. Maybe some manner of sorting solicited and unsolicited invites or somehow making the system automatically prioritize symmetric invite requests is really more appropriate. If I invite you and you invite me the odds are we are really trying to make contact. Shouldn't that interaction receive priority? I think it should. I think the bar for social network linking should be higher than say sending email. Anyone can send me an email as long as they know my address. I'm not sure I want to link in someone into my social network just because they know how to find me. There has to be some inherent value to the link or it really means nothing. Maybe fan is the lowest value of the edge connecting two people in the social graph?

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