Sunday, October 28, 2007

Leopard Upgrade Report

It's been about 24 hours since my Leopard upgrade at home and at this point I'm not experiencing any adverse effects from the OS update. After doing an in place, not from scratch upgrade, all my applications seem to be working just fine. Granted, thanks to Google, most of my work gets done in Firefox these days. Regardless after a few updates to my Omni apps I seem to be fully operational. Once the the new OS was installed I turned on Time Machine and my system is now backing up on a file by file basis as opposed to using SuperDuper to clone the entire hard drive. I think I'll still use SuperDuper every so often to save my butt from total system crashes. Stacks are interesting but since my dock is on the right hand side I don't get the interesting "arc" effect I'd get if the dock was on the bottom. Still it's useful. I've configured Spaces as well. It's OK but since I use Spirited Away I normally am focused on my current task window and I recall them with Quicksilver when I need them. I'm still evaluating if Spaces is for me. Quick Look is phenomenal! It will help make searching for docs much easier. Key word search can get you close but what if you're looking for the 4th revision of something and you need to inspect the doc to really know if you have the right version? Quick Look helps find the right file if finding that file means inspecting it. I'm still playing with Notes and To-Do's in mail but the data detection feature seems to work well. I used it to create a new iCal entry in one click which was synced to my Google Calendar by Spanning Sync. Overall I'm pretty happy with Leopard. There are enough new features I can use quickly and easily but a whole raft of new tricks I'll have to learn over time. There's a lot of new tidbits stuffed into the cracks of applications and system preference panes. So much to learn, so little time.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Gmail, IMAP, and iPhone

Lifehacker has an excellent summary and pointer to a post about setting up your iPhone with GMail IMAP support. The greatest thing no more POP recent mode! It works so much better. Tagging works by copying email into IMAP "folders" . Not a bad solution. I sure beats seeing your sent email in your INBOX and the annoyance of not being able to remove a message from your INBOX from your mobile device. Say goodbye to recent mode and set up IMAP for the best mobile GMail experience for the iPhone. Thanks Google!

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The View

I'm in love with the music of The View. Their album/cd/download "Hats off to the Buskers" is one of the best collection of songs I've heard in a while. I first heard this gang of Scots on my trip to the UK last summer on a replay of their Glastonbury 2007 performance. The band's music has pure rock/punk/ska roots and remind me of the Strokes. No fancy gimicks just real catchy tunes of decent complexity. Comparisons to Oasis are just plain off. This band's sensibilities are mostly non-cerebral and below the waist. That being said, the music is surprisingly intricate beyond what goes into most 2-3 minute offerings. It's encouraging to hear a band with "commercial potential" grind out really great music. My favorite tracks in order of awesomeness are "Wasted Little DJs", "Coming Down", "Superstar Tradesman", and "Same Jeans".

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

+1 for Upcoming Call Queue

This is something I've always wanted. Tim O'Reilly has the right idea about having an upcoming call queue, derived from your calendar, on your cell phone. This really could all be solved if the phone number in a txt message could be consumed (i.e parsed) by the phone and dialed (main number and conference access code included) Right now my appointments are txt'ed to me or they are already in my phone's calendar. In some cases I can dial the main number by tapping or selecting the phone number but I can't use the pin. I end up having to copy the phone number and/or pin onto a piece of paper then make the call. Isn't that just broken?

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