Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Lifehacker GMail Extension and Google Apps for Your Domain

I use Google Apps For Your Domain and I use the web email client for all my communication needs. One thing that always bothered me is that many mailto links in HTML pages wouldn't work correctly. When I clicked on them in a web page, or web app, the browser either fired up the OS X or it would load the normal gmail (i.e. non-GAFYD) in a new tab. Pretty frustrating. While randomly spelunking the preferences of Lifehacker's Gmail plugin I noticed an advanced settings button which when clicked on had a slot for my GAFYD domain in a popup dialog. So I set my domain in the text box. Lo and Behold! HTML mailto links now properly open up in my browser in the compose screen of my GAFYD account. Joy! I guess I should have read the documentation after all. The dialog is right on the page linked to above. I'll file this post under "Obvious".

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