Tuesday, August 14, 2007

java.sun.com Sillyness

Want to download the latest Sun Java JRE? Think it's easy to do from http://java.sun.com? Wrong! You would think Sun would make this simple, easy, and intuitive. They didn't. You have to scroll down the page and you'll find a "Get Java Software" button. Click on that and you get to the download page for the JRE. Which is actually linked to http://java.com. Now, I know Sun has this whacky complex around balancing out that Java is free vs. Java is a technology platform Sun invented, but for heaven's sake people think when you cobble together a web page. java.sun.com should be as obvious as java.com. There probably shouldn't be anything more than like three or four download links on that site. (JRE, JDK SE, JDK EE, JDK ME) They should bloody well dominate the page. Sheesh....

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