Saturday, June 30, 2007

iPhone Launch

I picked up the iPhone yesterday and as far as purchasing the product goes, this was the most successful product launch for me ever. Apple clearly anticipated how many people would show up and had enough units to go around. They had extra staff giving out accurate information about the process and any technical details on the phone, activation, and the rate plans. They also gave out free water and coffee to everyone standing in line. Apple orchestrated getting about 10-20 people in the store at any given time so there was no rush, no commotion, in the store. You could buy your phone and accessories in relative peace. Don't get me wrong it wasn't subdued. It was very exciting but it didn't feel like a massive product launch where you spend your time driving around looking at lines, sitting on the curb, and often coming home empty handed. Apple deserves a hand on their mechanics and execution yesterday. As always the folks at the Menlo Park Mall Store in Edison, NJ did a great job. That part of the customer experience was flawless.

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