Saturday, June 30, 2007

iPhone Activation Issues

My only issue yesterday with configuring the iPhone was activation. The process itself is painless, you hook up the phone, walk through a few screens, enter in your information, but then the phone has to actually activate. This normally ends when you see a globe on the phone and a message saying something like "Activating Phone..this can take some time". While this was happening I was able to sync content to my phone but once that was done I wanted to play around a bit while waiting for the activation. Since I thought this was something happening over the cellular network I disconnected the dock cable. Well, the activation process seemed to stop right there. So I called AT&T. The initial folks handling the call were helpful, but when they tried to transfer my call to an "activation specialist" they dropped my call. So I called again. This time they told me they couldn't help me and that I had to call another AT&T support line. I called that line and the recording said to call back during normal business hours. WTF?!? So I called back the first number I dialed for AT&T and the woman gave me the number for Apple iPhone support (800-MY IPHONE) because Apple was doing all the activations. (That would have been nice to know the first time.) So I called Apple. I waited about 3-5 minutes on hold when a lovely woman from Canada took my iPhone serial number, my name and a call back number, listened to my description of the problem, and fixed it in two seconds. All I needed to do was power the phone off and back on again. The iPhone immediately connected to the cellular network and I was making calls. Thank you Canada! (an Apple) The whole ordeal took about 20 minutes but the first 15 spent with AT&T were clearly not pleasant. I can't blame the AT&T support people entirely. I'm sure the secrecy around the launch was detrimental in them getting all the information they needed to help me but their execution was poor as well. Not that the AT&T staff were not friendly or helpful but they dropped me and managed to give me bad information. Not a good way to treat a customer that just dropped $600+ on a phone and upgraded their cellular service to boot. In any case the ordeal is over and the phone works great. While I was waiting I managed to configure my Wi-Fi connection and surf the web from the iPhone. Wow....

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