Monday, May 07, 2007

JavaONE 2007

I'm out at JavaONE 2007 all week. I'm looking forward to a great conference packed to the gills with technical sessions and information. This year I'm lucky enough to afford to bring out more of my team from HCM to the conference. I'm anticipating this is going to be a great experience for the whole group. CommunityONE, the warm up act for the main event, looked like a good prep. Originally cast as Netbeans Day, it quickly grew into a showcase for Sun's open source efforts. We didn't make it in until mid-day so we missed most of the morning sessions but we did get to sit in on some of the afternoon events. I was able to catch two sessions on Glassfish. The first was about the partner community that has sprung up around this promising open source application server. There were representatives from Genuitec, Caucho, Interface21, and Terracotta. Terracotta had the most interesting presentation. They showed some actual running code using their distributed shared object technology. I'm attending another presentation by them later in the week. Looking forward to it. The second presentation was a preview of Glassfish V3. I was blown away. They have implemented a JSR-277-like module system for Glassfish that allows the container to dynamically load services at runtime. The server starts up with a 100K jar file and then each component (http, ruby, web app container) all load dynamically including dependencies. Very impressive. We need this kind of functionality in the Java world. JSR-277 is targeted to Java 7. I'm not sure we can wait.

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Blogger Glyn said...

I have some good news for you, Steve.

JSR 291 provides exactly the kind of dynamic component technology for existing Java SE platforms that you, and many others, see the need for. The JSR is nearing its Final Approval Ballot, but the underlying core technology, known as the OSGi framework, is already mature and available via three independent open source implementations.

Since you're at JavaOne, you can find out more in session TS-1419 at 1.30pm on Thursday or at my BOF 21240 at 9.55pm on Wednesday.

However, if you can't make those sessions, take a look at an introduction to OSGi or create and run a simple component from scratch in about 10 minutes.

Or you could just keep a look out for me and I'll give you a personal 5 minute demo....

12:36 AM  
Blogger Steve said...

Despite it's somewhat controversial nature JSR 291 is interesting. Personally, I think we would do better if this was a feature of the JVM but the practical side of me sees value in having something available now. I'll keep an eye out for you at the conference. I'd like to get the demo!

4:24 AM  
Blogger Jerome said...


I have to agree that it is difficult to wait to have a module subsystem to work with. Well this is the situation I was in a few months back and also wanted a JDK integrated story.

As Glyn clearly articulated you have the choice of using OSGi which is clearly mature but will probably cost you some effort when moving to Java SE 7 although Danny Coward did announce they do plan to support OSGi modules.

Or you can use what I did, this is why we published it as a sub-projects of glassfish and fits in 80Kb. This is of course not as mature as OSGi but I hope to make the transition to Java SE 7 easier.

Your choice really, and choice is good.

Cheers, Jerome

11:52 AM  

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