Tuesday, May 08, 2007

JavaONE 2007 Keynote

Big screens! The first keynote of JavaONE and the main hall is HUGE!. This event is certainly bigger than the one I attended in 2005. The dj, DJ Anon (http://www.anon-music.com), was cutting out some pretty cool beats as everyone filed in to hear the kickoff speaches. John Gage is warming up the crowd for Rich Green. He's quoting John Markoff who wrote today that the conference is about internet connected, multi-function devices. He's showing off two devices: the first is the Savage/J phone (they are out of business now but I think Sun bought their technology). The second device is a Solio (sp?) a portable set of solar panels to generate power. (It doesn't run Java yet but Gage says it will.) Gage wants us to forget that for the next 81 hours of sessions, we are no longer Americans, or Brits, or Norwegians. He wants us to behave like Brazilians (big cheers from the Brazilian contingent). Basically, be friendly, talk to you colleagues (the ones you don't know yet), and have fun. Gage said they wanted to make JavaONE carbon neutral. It's not this year. They don't know how to do it yet but the need help trying to find out how to measure all the waste output, etc. They are going to try to refine the accounting system to allow for a true cost carbon offset ($100 at ton). They hope that JavaONE 2008 will be carbon neutral. Next up is a cool montage video that illustrates the themes of the participation age. The video is set to OK Go's "Here it Goes Again". The video is pretty moving in a geeky sort of way. Rich Green is on now, talking about community and communication." Humans don't want to communicate, they have to.." He has some big announcements today. Rich has words of praise for Java EE and Glassfish. Using Glassfish as server side technology is a well known pattern but now there are going to be some new areas. Martin Harriman of Ericsson. They are going to open source some of Ericsson's multi-media communications technology (Multi-Media IMS now called Sun Java System Communications Application Server) it's going to be folded into Glassfish. To talk about Real Time Java, Green brought up , Anna Ewing CIO of NASDAQ. They are running trading technology on Java. Not very specific as there are many systems that run the exchange and I know not all of them run Java. NASDAQ is currently prototyping their next-gen trading systems using real-time Java. Tom Hallman, VP of Production Ops for Sony Pictures, is now up talking about Blue Ray and Java integration (BB J). Should allow the studios to get out of just playback mode. New Spider Man disk will be up-dateable for new content in a Blue Ray player. Showing a demo from a "Open Season" disc. Showing some eye candy mostly in the menu screens all powered by Java code. Another announcement Open JDK is now released including some steps to releasing the the TCKs. I'm not sure if this solves the platform exclusion being sought by the ASF. I guess this means all the third-party license code is now out of the JDK. He's posting this email live. The governance committee is in place as well. Customers want faster Java. Newer releases of JSE 6 will be done to address download and execution speed. Wouldn't it be cool if you could take Java and add a new layer of focus that would center around consumers, media, etc. JavaFX is a set of technologies for consumer facing experiences. First component is a new language called Java FX script (wow) for rich internet languages, designed for content professionals. Gosling is going to do some kind of demo with Chris Oliver the inventor of the language. They are showing two demos of some static web sites with lots of 2D effects. It apparently uses Java 2D and JavaFX. Chris brought in the code in an editor and modified a widget and in real time the widget updated in the preview. Pretty neat. Not sure it's earth shaking just yet. It seems to compile into byte code and run on unmodified JVMs. Is this Java's answer to Flash? JavaFX mobile is the extension of JavaFX into mobile devices. It is JavaSE plus mobile phone technology (this must be the stuff they bought from Savage/J). Looks like a Java competitor to the Apple Phone and OS X running on mobile devices. It will run JavaFX script. Looks like the phone demo crashed. All hail the gods of demo! Rich is introducing, Marco Boerries from Yahoo!. They have been working on Yahoo! Go which connects all the Yahoo! users via mobile devices. Use the net as a backbone to create a platform for services. Pretty cool. Not sure if it was available. (Argh, My laptop battery died midway through the keynote. Forgot to optimize my power management. I've lost the rest so I'll try to summarize.) Rich Green brought up Jonathan who in turn brought up someone from the UN. Sun sponsored an event at the UN to bring young people from all countries to the UN to discuss how to better the lives of everyone in the world throuh sport. It was pretty encouraging and the speaker, whose name I missed, was pretty energetic. The most exciting thing Jonathan mentioned is he's interested in creating an organization like Doctors without Borders for technology. He should talk to the folks at GeekCorps. I think they've been doing this for a while. That wraps up the Tuesday keynote. I'm going to try to blog the rest of them all the way through by posting updates while the keynote happens. I'll have to make sure I tweak my battery settings though and I'll have to use the wi-fi interface as my evdo card just pulls too much juice out of the laptop.

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