Tuesday, March 27, 2007

eTech Bummer

Due to an important business meeting I'm going to miss most of eTech this year and since it is a last minute cancellation I'm not going to be able to get a refund. Hopefully I'll get to San Diego in time to catch some of the Wednesday and Thursday sessions. Of course after reading Kathy Sierra's account of why she's not attending ETech I was shocked. This kind of behavior just can't be tolerated. Clearly the people posting threatening material about here have crossed a line. I encourage everyone to read her post. This kind of activity is an unfortunate and vile twisting of all that is good about the blogosphere. I hope that instead of her keynote they have a frank discussion of what is going on here. Open up the mics and get the community to look at what has happened here. Shed some light on this dark corner of our world. That would be a real good use of the time that was to be her keynote. There is no way to justify or rationalize the kind of sick sexual threats this woman has had to endure. I'm a pretty tolerant guy, with skin a mile thick, but this activity just makes me despair.

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