Sunday, March 25, 2007

Ciao Quicken

After 10 years of using Quicken in one form or another from PC to Mac to PC I've finally kicked the habit. That sounds harsh but honestly the upgrade cycle every few years felt like a tax to use my own money. The nail in the coffin was when my bank offered free on line bill payment. Quicken's interface made paying bills easy but I had to be home to do that. Now I can pay my bills from anywhere. All I need is a browser. Quicken's charting and analysis really wasn't helping me and in fact was part of the money I was bleeding out every so often for really not much in return. I'm on a rampant campaign to lower all this kind of stuff. Over the past few months I've actually looked at a lot of my periodic spends to try to eliminate or reduce them. My next optimization is to replace my home PC with a Mac. I don't need it for Quicken any longer and the Norton tax is coming up again soon. One less tax to pay. So what am I doing to get a full view of my finances? For a start I'm going to be using Wesabe to get a picture of my spending. Its a bit more work, because you have to upload your data via the web, but worth it considering I can manage my accounts from anywhere. Hopefully, they will roll out support for investment accounts but if they don't I'll just manage what I have from my brokerage accounts extensive web based tools. Watch this space for updates on how this new plan is working.

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