Saturday, February 10, 2007

Nice Feature of Google Calendar

I've been using Google Calendar to track all my appointments and here is a nice tip for anyone that attends a lot of conference calls. Make sure you put the conference call dial-in information (usually a telephone number and pin) into the location field when you book the appointment. Then if you set an alert to let you know when the conference call is about to start the alert message will contain the phone number and pin for the call. It seems simple but it's one of those Captain Obvious improvements that helps me juggle my schedule effectively and keeps me from dialing in late to calls because I can't find the number. Now for the bonus tip. If you enable SMS alerts you will get the information right on your cell phone just before the start of the call. Nifty! On my phone, the Nokia E62, I can highlight the phone number in the SMS message and dial the number for the call. Joy! The only downside is I have to go back to the SMS to retrieve the pin. Bummer. Anyone know how to do a cut and past on a phone like that? That might make this even more whiz-bang.

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