Monday, February 05, 2007

D&R Canal Update

My D&R Canal trek was completed on 1/27/2007. I have walked every section of the main canal except for the portion which is now buried and passes under Trenton. The last section from Port Mercer to Mulberry Street is not very scenic but it's officially part of the canal so it had to be conquered. My next hiking goal is to walk the entire feeder canal which winds along the Delaware River from Trenton to Frenchtown. I will probably tackle this in 10 mile sections so it will likely take about 3 outings to complete. I'm going to carry a camera this time to get a few shots of the trail. I should have done this for the main canal but I'll probably get back and take a few key shots later in the Summer. Beyond the feeder canal, I have dreams of hiking the AT through NJ. I'll have to find a different partner for that trip. My father-in-law has already expressed his distaste of camping and I think I want to through hike the AT in NJ. I don't think I'll ever be able to do the entire AT but if I can knock out New Jersey in one shot who knows. Maybe I can section hike it and finish it when I'm 60. It's been done before.


Blogger Joe said...


I'd be glad to help you complete this goal. I've been doing the Henry Hudson Trail (running & photographing) here in Mon. Co. and my camping gear is sadly collecting dust in the garage.

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