Sunday, November 12, 2006

Gill-less Gang

I thought the recent "Harpo Gang" show of the Gillmor Gang was pretty good overall. I could have told you Jason Calacanis would take the reins if Steve Gillmor let them go as he did in this episode. What has disturbed me more than Gillmor's silence is that Dan Farber seems to have faded into the background of the conversation. He doesn't say much but when he does it's usually very insightful.( I've subscribed to his blog and have been enjoying his take on the news of the enterprise space.) I don't think it's a case of Calacanis "taking over the show" but the shows focus has shifted away from the enterprise space into the land of Web 2.0 startups. That started when Mike Arrington was invited to the gang and was reinforced by Jason Calacanis' appearance this year. I think Farber could add a lot to that conversation. The current mix of people on the show is an extremely potent bunch. I think these are some of the smartest guys around. There are a couple of weaklings amongst these guys but leave them in for fodder. (Sorry Dana. I know you're talking but most of the time I only here "blah, blah, blah...") I love this podcast. I've been listening since the Identity Gang the first proto-gang. The show will always work in my mind because when things get stale Gillmor can always re-arrage the seats, shuts up for a show, splits the show into 10 segments, plays them backwards, and other tom foolery. The only time the show breaks down is when Gillmor breaks down. That may have happened. Gillmor's last post on his blog seems to have indicated that the last few minutes are too intense, maybe too personal, to send into the ether. Jason Calacanis declared the show dead on his blog. I hope that's not true. If it is I think the gang should be reformed, maybe as something different. I'd suggest Gillmor, Doc, Farber, Calacanis, and Arrington as the participants. Each week these guys would pick two, possibly related stories (enterprise and startup) and they discuss in depth. Maybe it should be a blog and not a podcast. Whatever the format I'd listen/read. Steve if it is your last show, thanks for the hours of information/entertainment/knowledge you help create and set free. It really has been a great ride. My only regret is that if it is the last show, then all my hopes of every being a gang member have been dashed to bits. Sigh. (Hey, Steve. Look no links.)

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