Sunday, October 15, 2006

Google Reader

Wow. Big difference. I'm a bit late on noticing that Google Reader has made significant improvements. They've improved the interface to allow for two modes of viewing blog posts. The first is the combined "river of news" style where posts from all your feeds are just mashed together into one long stream. The second is the more traditional per feed listing of new stories for that feed. The latter is my preferred method of consuming RSS. Couple that with all the new ajax goodness Google has included in this rev of the product and you have a one hell of an aggregator. It's too much to resist. Google Reader has replaced Bloglines as my main RSS axe. So I've given Google much of my business. My computer desktop is full of Google Apps. (Gmail, Gcalendar, Google Reader, Google Maps, and on and on.) To top that off every third story I click on in Digg points to a YouTube clip of The Daily Show. Will this ever end? Is this good for me? Is it good for the industry?

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