Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Google Gobbles JotSpot

How cool. Google now adds JotSpot to it's arsenal of productivity apps. I played around with JotSpot a when it launched. It was useful but not to the point where I was willing to shell out money for the extra functionality. Our internal wiki worked just fine thanks. Of course, now that it's free it's kind of hard not to use it for something. My account was reactivated and I'm starting to play with it again. Congrats to all the folks at JotSpot! I guess the only thing that will get into the way of this Googalicious gravy train is the collapse o the ad market. Although to me it sure seems like they've built a pretty efficient exchange for advertisers and content producers. Efficient markets are hard to topple. You can create competing markets but that's just better for the customers. So why do I need Microsoft Office? The answer is increasingly, "I don't." I just converted everyone in the house over to Google docs and spreadsheets. That's not quite fair because I had already switched everyone to OpenOffice. Putting stuff on the network is extremely liberating. Of course now I'm wondering if I haven't traded one master for the other. I think the net will protect us from that kind of damage and help us all route around that. So some me words of advice for Google. Don't let us down. Don't loose our data or hold it captive. Basically, don't screw up.

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