Sunday, September 17, 2006

Fall Backpack Cleanup

Since I'm about to embark on a bit of traveling for the next few weeks I decided to go through my backpack and review each item to see what I could toss. I have a Brenthaven backpack which I've described before as the Tardis of laptop bags. That roominess is a definite advantage but often leads to excessive pack-rat syndrome and thus the backpack starts to bulge and weigh as much as a small hippo. The first to go was all the excess audio cables, earbuds, and iSight camera. Next to go was a vinyl 3 pocket folder I was carrying to collect papers, notes, and paper diagrams. Then I tossed a 2 inch stack of papers that never made it into the vinyl folder. Finally, in one of the zippered back pockets I found a hardback book which I tucked in there about 4 months ago, which I didn't read. Anyway, all told, I think I shaved a little more than 10 lbs off my back. That should feel much better.


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