Thursday, August 31, 2006

Get GMail for Your Company Domain

Google is now offering its apps for business domains. This private label offering allows businesses to run gmail, gcalendar, gtalk, and page creator as hosted services. That means that any company could replace an internal mail service with gmail. Email would look like it was coming from the business' own domain. This has been rumored for a while now but it seems as if it is now a reality. The impact is huge. Medium and small business owners would be stupid not to seriously consider something like this in lieu of running some kind of mail system internally. It will be really interesting to track the uptake of this offering. I'd look at sales of Microsoft Exchange and see if they dip as this thing takes off. We live in interesting times.

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Keyword Asssistant: Another Useful iPhoto Plugin

Many thanks to reader Carl who pointed me to Keyword Assistant, a handy plugin that improves the keyword functions in iPhoto. Keyword Assistant provides a popup window that allows you to tag photos by simply typing a comma separated list of keywords. It also supports auto-completion which accelerates the process. No more hunting through a non-alphabetized list, checking boxes. The plugin does not recognize my current version of iPhoto (6.0.4) so the keyword sorting feature is disabled but that small potatoes compared to the time savings I'll get when processing my digital photos.

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Sun is Finally Rising

This certainly is good news. It seems at least in the second quarter Sun has managed to push out Dell and take the number 3 spot amongst server system vendors. Kudos. Believe it or not gentle readers, we are seeing an increased demand for Sun Software. The demand isn't limited to their identity stack. I've personally contributed to some satisfying Sun Application Server wins where we've displaced some notable incumbants. (BTW, Sun really has to start shedding some of their inferiority complex when it comes to the App Server market. Sun App Server 8 and 9 own, baby!) What we need now is some profit. That must be coming. If Mr. Schwartz and Co. can keep this kind of growth going that should come next.

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