Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Flickr Uploading Bonanza

I've been uploading my entire photo collection from iPhoto, running on my laptop, to my new Flickr Pro account. You've probably noticed from the number of Flickr feed entries on the blog lately. I should probably turn that feature off my Feedburner feed but I'll leave it for now. It seems to be making up for the fact that I haven't posted anything in a while. I've been pretty busy and I've been outside away from the computer more now that it's summer. But I digress. The mass Flickr upload was in part driven by the fact that I felt the need for more online backup of my photos. I back up my hard drive weekly but I kept having visions of something going wrong with that and at this point I have a lot of memories locked up in pixels. The FlickrExport plugin for iPhoto makes this job much easier and I highly recommend it. I'm also using this opportunity to tag all my photos before I upload them to Flickr. This works great but once the upload is done there doesn't seem to be any way of synchronizing the meta data between iPhoto and Flickr. That's a pretty important thing as I'm finding out because if I miss a tag on one batch or subset of a batch of photos I have to basically add the tag in iPhoto then repeat the operation on Flickr. No fun. Unfortunately, iPhoto gets two big demerits in my book for the painful keyword system, which is how I'm tagging my photos. Apple really needs to make this much simpler. The first issue is I need to be able to add keywords on the fly. Right now you have to open up iPhoto Preferences, add the keyword, and then you can add the keyword to your photo. The second issue is that iPhoto does not alphabetize keywords as they are added to the keyword list. Which makes the process of tagging even more painful. I hope they fix this in the future.

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Blogger Carl said...

You must try the iPhoto plugin Keyword Assistant. Unfortunately, it hasn't been updated for Intel Macs yet, but it is free, and it is an absolute necessity.

4:51 PM  

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