Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Hope Is Emo

I've been in constant stitches since I discovered Ask A Ninja a while back. My kids thought I was crazy laughing, to the point of tears, at this funny little video playing on my laptop. It has to be seen to be believed and while it's not for everyone if you share my somewhat whacked sense of humor you'll find it absolutely outrageous. So today what do I find in my iTunes Ask A Ninja subscription? A preview for a new video podcast called Hope Is Emo. Emo (short for Emotional), for the uninitiated, is a cultural label which applies to both a genre of music and to the kids that adhere to the lifestyle. The music is represented by recent bands like Fall Out Boy, Hawthorn Heights, and Matchbook Romance. While a lot of pop music kids listen to is filled with teen angst, Emo music is like teen angst set to 11. The music really amplifies the sheer agony of teen life all to a catchy pop-rock beat. Some of it is more edgy or dark and some examples are almost neo-punk, but most of it is about boy-girl thermodynamics. Look it up on wikipedia. In any case, you can imagine that the kids that dig this music fall in to a few categories represented at one end by the "normal" kid that likes the music to the other end where the kid becomes the music and wracked by emotional spasms triggered by the slightest event or image. Think goth kids with the energy of hard core punks paralyzed by ineptitude turning all that rage/sarcasm/love/hate inward. Now you've got a good idea what Hope Is Emo is all about. It's a fake video podcast journal from an emo kid named Hope. In the first installment Hope agonizes over the meaning of words and high school prom dating convention. If you have any exposure at all to the whole emo scene you'll find it entertaining. I can't wait to hear what my 13-year-old daughter has to say about this bit of fun. They should probably broadcast this with the morning announcements at her middle school. Kudos to the AAN team you've got another winner in my opinion.

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