Monday, April 24, 2006

McNealy Steps Aside

Wow. While a lot of people called for this I can't believe that McNealy stepped aside. In some ways I'm pretty sad about the news because I "grew up" with Sun in the mid-80s and have always enjoyed McNealy's tough competitive attitude against the Microsoft hegemony. Others may be celebrating but I'll miss the guy. Now the baton has passed to Mr. Schwartz. I'm excited by the thought of what might come next in the direction of the company. I think we've been seeing glimpses of what is to come, blogging at Sun, OpenSolaris, glassfish, the Sun Grid. He's nudging Sun in the right direction with what resources he can muster. However there are those who doubt he has done anything of substance. The Register slammed Mr. Schwartz calling him a "Mellotron of sound bytes" and bringing up the Economist's displeasure with the new "Participation Age" campaign. I'm willing to give him more time. In my opinion Jonathan Schwartz needs to do two things: keep Sun relevant and bring in a few quarters of profit. I think he's succeeding on the former but has an uphill battle on the latter. If you believe his volume numbers on downloads then all he really has to do is figure out how to turn downloads into dollars. Redhat figured out a way. I think Jonathan Schwartz can too. Time will tell.

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Mozes Keyword

My Mozes keyword is stevegio. Seems like a cool service. I'll be playing with it for a few weeks. I've been using txt messages between members of my family to keep in touch. My 13 year-old daughter is probably the most prolific txt'er I know but that's to be expected. Ever since I started playing with UPOC a long time ago, I've been interested in the intersection of the web with txt messaging. I just hope this isn't some scheme to have people pay for additional Mozes keywords in a mobile version of the domain name parking/extortion game

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

How true is this?

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

How true is this?