Tuesday, March 07, 2006

playsh turns out not to be so fun afterall

I was really hoping that the playsh talk at ETech would be more enlightening but it wasn't. The idea of hooking up an OS environment with a Mud/Moo interface was definitely not a new one so I was kind of hoping they would have a new twist but there wasn't. I used to think this was a good idea but after seeing an environment like Second Life using something like playsh seems like a huge leap backwards. Granted the collaborative, multi-user, shared editing was fairly cool. To add a bit of insult to injury I thought the talk was by far the lowest quality session I attended this afternoon. The presentation was fractured and rambling. What I thought were the more interesting bits, like the shared editing/coding, were glossed over. Matt Web and Ben Cerveny seemed to be talking from a disjoint set of slides.

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