Thursday, March 09, 2006

Flock Talk at Etech

Just got out of the flock talk at Etech. I've played with flock in the past and gave it up mainly for two reasons. First the initial developer releases were crashy. Second, Firefox and all descendent browsers don't take there connection setup info from the system on OS X. I've written about this in the past. One feature of flock I hadn't really played with much was the shelf which is a kind of temporary clipboard where you can temporarily stick stuff that you want to blog about. That and flocks intergrated blogging support make it a real nice tool to tackle the basic blogging workflow (read, sample, add value [hopefully], blog).

On the flip side flock has some nice aggregation features tied into the bookmarking/favorites capability. Start with a site, book mark it, and flock auto discovers the feed. View the favorite in the favorite manager and you see the contents of the feed. Flock let's you group bookmarks/favorites into collections, then view the aggregate posts as a feed. (Try it. You'll see what I mean. ) Tne one feature I'd like to see is the capability to create a "smart collection" based on tags. I'll have to explain why in a different post.

If you're an early adopter you should give flock a spin. If you missed the talk at Etech check out their site. You can find a fair amount of text documenting their design philiosophy and business model.

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