Friday, March 03, 2006

Also of Note: Hell Hath Frozen Over

One other quick bit this afternoon. Hell has officially frozen over. I have used NetBeans 5.0 for a small project and actually enjoyed the experience. I'm not switching from Eclipse, I don't use Eclipse, I'm an Emacs/JDE kinda guy. (All you Eclipse vs NetBeans trolls, stop getting excited!) I'm not sure if this is farewell to Emacs. How could I abandon a tool that has saved my bacon more times than I can number? But I got to tell ya, this NetBeans thing has improved. It almost makes me think IDEs may not be all that evil. Yes, I know what your saying, "The code curmudgeon is going soft!" To which I can only reply, maybe. But using the IDE helped me keep more of the project in my head at any one given time, which is something I've been having trouble with lately. So maybe IDEs can help cut down the "load" time for us old hackers. It's either that or we've got to switch to BPM tools. Ugggh! This is enough change for one week. As always I'll keep you posted.

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