Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Boys are Back in Town

Ladies and Gentlemen the Gillmor Gang is back and better than ever. I was pretty down on our intrepid heros back in July but As I stated in my post I would give them kudos when the show got back on the rails. I'm pleased to opine that the latest shows are better than the original set on IT Conversations. The latest show was phenomenal. It started off a bit shaky like the first few moments of a Grateful Dead space jam searching for form and structure, but it got into full swing when the young Mr. Arrington commented on a Wall Street Journal article by Rebecca Buckman which threw some stones at the blogosphere. Arrington argued that this was tantamount to an orchestrated attack on the blogosphere by the mainstream press. (No offense to Arrington, but he often comes across like whining Tucker Carlson sitting down at the same table with McNeil, Lehrer, and John McLaughlin discussing geopolitics, but I digress.)The rest of the Gang, quite wisely, shattered that theory and injected some reality into the discussion and what followed was the most thoughtful exchange on disclosure, blogging, reputation, and the press (whatever that is these days) that I've heard in a while. Steve Gillmor scores big on Arrington by correctly diagnosing his lack of perspective as being blinded by the limelight. John Udel talks about how he had to shelve a book on blogging as "annotating your career" for lack of an existence proof. Basically, leveling the charge that our basic human desire to be loved by all is creating an internet full of bad pundits. Mike Vizard sticks the shows ending with a comment about journalistic responsibility. Fuck. I was sweating, pupils dilated, slack jawed, wanting more. Bravo. Bravo.

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Man, sorry I missed the show.

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