Thursday, January 26, 2006

Tunes on the Amtrak from Washington, D.C.

I'm riding the Amtrack regional between our nation's capitol and suburban NJ which is way outside the beltway. Green Day's, "Give Me Novicane" is blasting through my earbuds and right now I'm sure the audio leakage is annoying the shit out of the passengers around be but what the heck, I had to listen to their cell phone calls and this isn't the "Quite Car" is it? (Oooh! ITunes just fired up over to Zappa's, "Peaches and Regalia". Too bad there is no 11 on volume control to my PowerBook.) This trip to Washington, D.C. was a bit like traveling in a pneumatic tube and ending up in a series of connected hermetically sealed underground shopping malls. I was able to take the train in NJ, arrive at Union Station, and take the Metro all the way to the client's building without stepping outside. All the way I was being beckoned to by the signs of a dozen familiar stores and eateries. Suburban travel in the Sprawl at it's finest. I left in darkness, I'm arriving home in darkness, but in between it was all Starbucks, Victoria's Secret, and Krispy Kreme Donuts. Anyway, D.C. is pretty civilized compared to the more densely populated areas I inhabit. The Metro is downright civilized. Clean, efficient, and a pleasure to ride. The exact opposite of the NYC subway with it noise, trash, and fine urine aroma. Ah, put me on the Orange Line to Vienna any day. So it was a 4 hour train ride, quick jaunt on the Metro, pound out 4 hours of solid work for the client, a quick 30 minutes to choke down some food and buy some kitschy tees for the family, back to the client for another 4 hours, metro, and back we are in the train home.... (Ha! Nick Drake's, Cello Song. Good traveling music, fade out)

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