Monday, December 19, 2005

Find Nuggets of Joy by Digging with iTunes

Last week I tried a small experiment. I set up a smart playlist to include all songs that had not been played in 12 months. After filtering out all unplayed podcasts, the folder contained over 400 songs (about 24 hours of music). I've been playing the music from this list for the past couple of days and it's like reconnecting with old friends. I had no idea that such a significant part of my 1700 song library had gone unheard for so long.

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Blogger Eh... Not so much said...

Very cool. I have a similar list, only it's songs that are rated 4 or more stars that I haven't listened to in over 3 months. This way I'm not always listening to the same old things. Love the Smart Playlists...

9:05 AM  

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