Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Sun Open Sources Everything

It is a new world. Sun just announced they are going to make all of their software open source and available for free. Support is still a way for Sun to make money and it looks like they are introducing an update service that will provide hot fixes. Some may say that Sun has become Redhat. The parallels are striking. Of course I think Sun can out engineer Redhat and Sun has a few other assets that trump Redhat in the form of some really neat hardware. Sun's high end server business is still questionable and demand is weakening as people scale out horizontally for most apps. There will still be shops out there that will need the big iron that Sun has to sell. So the key question is will this new software move give Sun enough lift to get above the eroding high end business? We'll see. As for me, I'll be busy downloading some stuff for a while.

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