Sunday, October 09, 2005

Google Reader: I'll Pass

Google Reader is a big disappointment. While the interface reaches a new level of interactivity and snappiness with it's extensive use of AJAX techniques, it suffers from serious usability issues. The major problem I have with this Web 2.0 app is that it actually slows down my blog reading. When you are looking at a particular feed you only see headlines on the left and the current item on the right. You have to page down each item to get the summary text for each item. Granted you get a nice animated scroll effect as each item moves by and you get keyboard shortcuts to scroll down each item but it's painfully slow to read blogs this way. Bloglines shows you the title and the summary text on one page so you can quickly skim each item in the feed. This is much faster and more efficient for those of us with many subscriptions. Sorry Google. Go back to the drawing board on this one. Big disappointment.

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