Thursday, September 15, 2005

iPod Case Crisis

Here is what sucks about having an older iPod. I have an old 3G iPod. The one without the cool click-wheel where the buttons run across the iPod between the monochrome screen and my slide-wheel. I was happily using the stock case that came in the original box until after about a year and a half the clip broke. So I needed to get another case with clip which is not easy to do without ordering on line and for something like this I like to touch before I buy. Anyway I settled on the rubberized iSkins case. I love the case because it protects the iPod quite nicely but the clip absolutely sucks! I have broken this flimsy plastic clip within two weeks of buying the case and I broke a second one that I swiped from my daughters case in another two weeks. I've contacted the company to see what they can do for me. My options for a case with clip are pretty slim these days. I may have to engineer my own and figure out how to bolt it to the iSkins case.

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