Thursday, September 15, 2005

iPod Case Crisis

Here is what sucks about having an older iPod. I have an old 3G iPod. The one without the cool click-wheel where the buttons run across the iPod between the monochrome screen and my slide-wheel. I was happily using the stock case that came in the original box until after about a year and a half the clip broke. So I needed to get another case with clip which is not easy to do without ordering on line and for something like this I like to touch before I buy. Anyway I settled on the rubberized iSkins case. I love the case because it protects the iPod quite nicely but the clip absolutely sucks! I have broken this flimsy plastic clip within two weeks of buying the case and I broke a second one that I swiped from my daughters case in another two weeks. I've contacted the company to see what they can do for me. My options for a case with clip are pretty slim these days. I may have to engineer my own and figure out how to bolt it to the iSkins case.

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Sunday, September 11, 2005

It's a beautiful day

It's a beautiful day here in NJ. It's warm and the sunlight is setting everything on fire with the colors of autumn. The sun seems low in the sky all day long. Winter is coming but for today summer is hanging on. What a great time of year. Lot's of sad news about New Orleans and the 9/11 anniversary. I'm always a bit off on this day. I never mark the anniversary. I don't pray. I do still get pissed though and with what's happening in Iraq and in the gulf coast of the U.S. front and center it's hard to keep your cool. So I guess this is my day to stay angry about 9/11 and the botched aftermath. Still there are interesting signs that people may be getting fed up with the status quo. There may be a real peace movement going. The press is on the attack. It looks like they aren't giving the White House a free ride on New Orleans. Too bad this wasn't the mood during the election. Too bad we don't have federal recall elections.

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