Tuesday, July 12, 2005

O Gillmor Gang Where Art Thou?

After listening to the two of the three latest Pod Show Gillmor Gangs, I think the Gang has lost a bit from it's earlier incarnation. I have one more to go which is turning out to be slightly less of a disappointment, but I'm longing for the early days. The only bright spot in the dreadful first hours was Jon Udel speaking about two hacks he's put together. One to efficiently link to snippets of audio and the other about mining del.icio.us data. It's sad but these first few shows really suck. Hopefully, IT Conversation junkies will miss the fact the show feed URL was switched and they'll skip these first few and catch up when the gang gets their chops back up after the hiatus. I'll retract every word when and if that happens.

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