Thursday, July 28, 2005

Surprise Sheepherder Gig Tonight!

Every time I have a dinner lined up with a client in the city (that's NYC) the Sheepherders have surprise gig. Tonight they are at the Ace of Clubs from 8-9pm. The set will include some old favorites featuring some of the new members of the band. I think they might sneak in a Dead cover (The Other One). If you are in NYC check them out. They completely freakin' rock.

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Friday, July 22, 2005

No A/C. No car. Take bike.

My car is in the shop. Besides having +135K miles on the odometer and needing a pretty major service, the air conditioning is blowing nothing but hot air. Now, I know some of you out there in places where A/C is considered a luxury and you're probably saying, "Ha! Fat American pig dog!", but here in NJ during the summer our weather is a lot more like a rain forest than you'd think. An in car A/C is not really a big extravagance. Don't get me started on this I have some pretty whacky social/economic theories around air conditioning and refrigeration. Any waaaay.... So the real thing I wanted to mention is that I biked into work today. The route was from Highland Park, NJ to Metuchen, NJ which according to Google Maps is about 5.5 miles. Not the best route as those of you who've ever had the pleasure of driving the route will know but riding it was a first for me. This might become a habit for office days. Although it was frickin' hot.

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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Tumor Tales Blog

A colleague and friend, Rick Vincent, was recently diagnosed with cancer. He's had surgery and is currently undergoing chemotherapy. He's blogging about it here. Rick has a great attitude which I believe is critical for his ultimate recovery. His posts are full of optimism and information on his experiences. I'm sure his blog isn't unique. There are probably many people out there who are blogging about their new life with this condition. Each persons story, while unremarkable in the mechanics of the disease and healing process, are distinct testaments to the human condition as each person relates his or her struggles to cope with a life threatening event. Rick's disease isn't special but how he's dealing with it is most certainly inspirational. If you're going through something like this you should read his blog.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

O Gillmor Gang Where Art Thou?

After listening to the two of the three latest Pod Show Gillmor Gangs, I think the Gang has lost a bit from it's earlier incarnation. I have one more to go which is turning out to be slightly less of a disappointment, but I'm longing for the early days. The only bright spot in the dreadful first hours was Jon Udel speaking about two hacks he's put together. One to efficiently link to snippets of audio and the other about mining data. It's sad but these first few shows really suck. Hopefully, IT Conversation junkies will miss the fact the show feed URL was switched and they'll skip these first few and catch up when the gang gets their chops back up after the hiatus. I'll retract every word when and if that happens.

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