Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Podcasts Are Here

I just updated iTunes from Software Update on my Mac and as the graphic in the iTunes Music Store states the "Podcasts are Here". Podcast support is indeed here. I've subscribed to all of my podcasts pretty painlessly and found a few more I know I'll enjoy (e.g. Harry Shearer's Le Show) The user experience is good. Since iTunes only downloads the latest show by default moving my subscriptions over from iPodderX didn't result in duplicate files on my iPod. I don't think there is any question that this release of iTunes is going to hinder the iPodderX team and a lot of other Mac based podcatching client projects. Hopefully it will drive up the innovation factor. I found most of my subscriptions by search. Only a few were on the podcast home page in Music Store. It doesn't appear that there is any podcast which is not available via the music store interface but my sample is pretty small. The Top 100 Podcast list on the Music Store is jumping around a bit. As a matter of fact it's not even a top 100 list at all just yet. The list only has 20 items in the list and then clicking down to the link at the bottom brings you to a page with 18 podcasts and the lists don't match. I think as people download the new iTunes and enter their subscriptions the data is changing rapidly. There is probably a lot of volatility in the rankings right now. Either the servers can't keep up or this list is batch generated. It will be interesting to compare this ranking with what Podcast Alley will have in the coming weeks.

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