Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Apple + Intel = DRM?

There has been some speculation that Apple and Intel are getting together because Hollywood wants to ensure that the hardware DRM embedded into next generation Intel chips is available in as many systems as possible. I'm not sure I buy the conspiracy but anyway you slice this announcement there is the specter of the DRM boogey man lurking in the shadows. Being an optimist I'm guessing that Steve Jobs' explanation of the power per watt ratio being better, not to mention the poor yields on PPC, are more likely explanations as well as Apple's ability to encroach on the Windows market. Probably the most immediate impact we'll see from this announcement is higher performing Intel chips in PowerBooks. Jobs alluded to the fact that he can't deliver a G5 laptop or a 3GHz G5 desktop with IBM as the supplier. However I didn't here that Mac OS X will be able to run on any Intel system. Which would weaken my world domination by providing a OS X boot disk for generic Intel boxes argument significantly. Apple certainly has been preparing for this day in advance. Jobs' keynote confirmed that OS X has been running on Intel since it was released. I don't think anyone could have doubted it since it's based on a portable UNIX core. All in all an exciting announcement. It was almost surreal.

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