Thursday, March 17, 2005

Podcast/Weblog Logjam

I did a bad thing. When I was in Hong Kong I stopped reading and listening to my subscribed blogs and podcasts. I subscribe to 110 weblogs and only 16 podcasts. While I've caught up with all the weblogs posts I'm grinding through the 1.5 days, that's 36 hours, of audio content that has backed up in my iTunes. I guess I could just toss all of this content but I'm worried I might miss something. I only subscribe to 16 podcasts and I've got a ton of backlog. I know a lot of people have been down on podcasting for exactly this issue and that the podcasting community has mainly dismissed it with a lot of hand-waving but I think the completely temporal nature of podcasting is a weakness. At the very minimum the notion of podcasts about podcasts should be more popular or more useful. That might explain a lot of the popularity of Mr. Curry. I think the real solution has to be rooted in having better meta-data attached to what are otherwise amorphous blobs of binary data. MP3 ID tags don't cut it. Just take a look at the Technorati Top 20 MP3s feed to see what I mean. At least Technorati is trying to add something more than Title, Artist, and Album. Proper, standardized, extensible, meta-data would allow us to create more intelligent recommendation, rating, and search for podcasts and might help alleviate the logjam. For now I guess I'm going to have to drain my playlist one minute at a time.


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