Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Our news is absolutely flooded with stories on Terry Schiavo. Our President has apparently left his beloved vacation short to rush to Washington to try to save this persons life, although it's debatable whether there is any "person" left in Terry Schiavio's body. In case anyone is wondering I'm pretty convinced this story should end with the removal of the feeding tube. There doesn't seem to be much point here folks. She's gone. Her body just doesn't know it yet. Now what is really irritating me, and this may sound pretty callous, is that every newscaster, pundit, and armchair expert on vegetative states, is pronouncing this name incorrectly. Schiavo is not pronounced like Shy-voh. It's pronounced Ski-a-voh. Trust me. It's Italian. Schiavo in Italian means slave.


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