Friday, February 25, 2005

A Letter from Hong Kong

Dear Gabri, It's cloudy again here. The weather has been very gloomy but the city is brightly lit by neon signs everywhere. One of these days you'll have to watch the movie Bladerunner with me. The city scenes in that movie are like Hong Kong only Hong Kong is cleaner and a lot less dangerous. I have a great desk here overlooking Hong Kong harbor. I can see across the waterway to Kowloon which is connected to the Chinese mainland. That's pretty far way though. The first big city in mainland China is Shenzen. The famous Star Ferry fleet crisscrosses the harbor and brings people back and forth between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. The Star Ferry boats are green and white passenger ferries. They look like little model steamships from up here. There are all sorts of boats plying the waters around Hong Kong. Everything from large luxury liners to small wooden boats that look like motorized junks from a chinese painting. The city is nestled in between the harbor and the mountains that make up the central part of the island. There wasn't much planning involved in creating the city so the roads aren't very straight and they don't always connect the way the streets do like at home. There are a ton of little pedestrian walkways that connect to building lobbies, shopping areas, the subway and other walkways. I think you can get to every building in the city without stepping outside. You just walk between the building via these walkways and tunnels. There are three things that stand out as very important to Hong Kong life. First is business. Second would be food. I'm not sure if the first two are in the right order, but the third would be shopping. I think you and mom would have a field day here. Imagine every building in New York, every skyscraper, with a mall built into the first five to ten floors. That's what Hong Kong is like. There are all kinds of shops everywhere selling everything imaginable. The weekend is coming up and I'll be on my own for the next couple of days. There are many things to see and I'll probably take a trip into the New Territories an area of Hong Kong that is directly adjacent to mainland China. There is a large Buddhist Temple there and a cultural museum. I'll probably also visit Mongkok which is a part of Kowloon where there is a lot of outdoor markets. Working in Hong Kong is fun and very exciting but I wish you and the rest of the family could be here with me. I miss you, Luca, Katia, and Mom very much. Give everyone a big kiss for me. Love, Dad


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