Friday, December 03, 2004

Feedburner Love and More Podcasting Thoughts

If you're blogging and syndicating then you really should be using Feedburner It allows you to add all sorts of nice features to your feed. I've written about it before but it continues to amaze me. I've just recently added "link splicing" which takes my bookmarks and adds them to my feed. For those of you who don't know about please take a look. You'll never bookmark anything in your browser again. More about that later. I am still spending a ton of time listening to Podcasts. Since I drive around a lot during the day it's fabulous to have a ton of great audio content to listen to instead of commercial radio or, dare I say, NPR. Yes, I'm hooked on the narrowcast aspect. I still haven't found a good world news podcast yet but when I do I may never listen to the radio again. Well that's not really true because traffic reports are useful here in The Sprawl. But I can imagine the fusion of Podcasting and say satellite radio where instead of broadcasting content in real-time, I get data, which I've subscribed to, pushed to my satellite radio tuner. Or maybe all I need is a Tivo for a satellite radio tuner with an internet connection. Then I could have traffic and weather "break-in" to my custom audio feed as needed. Anyone want to start a business?


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