Monday, November 08, 2004

Post Election Depression 2

Well, I'm not so depressed anymore, but I am moving on to a decidedly different phase of this post election grieving process. At this point I'm really concerned that the only way our country is going to return to sanity is for a third party to come along and chisel away the calcification around both of currently entrenched parties. My new battle cry? The Democratic party must die! In it's place something like the Libertarian party but not as crazy, something like the Republicans used to be before they made deals with the evangelicals, and something progressive like the Democrats before they became wimpy. I think this new party is centrist, practical, and respectful of individual rights and freedoms. It should see our place in the world as being one where we can foster democracy and freedom not at the point of a gun but in putting our national resources to work for the good of other less fortunate nations not with unending aid but with programs that will make a difference in the real lives of people throughout the world. Not sure if it could ever happen but man would it be nice.


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