Saturday, October 09, 2004

The Red Scare

What the heck are McNealy and Scwartz getting at with their not so recent line of attack on RedHat? It reminds me of Bush and Kerry and it sounds too much like Sun has nothing left to entice customers with positive messaging and are going negative. To my friends at Sun I would say extoll the virtues of your technology (Solaris 10, N1, Java, and your Identity products), proclaim your support of not only open standards but how you have and are contributing to open source projects all over the web. Stop with the negative attacks. Didn't the company learn anything in it's bitter struggle with Microsoft? Yes, I'm a Sun fan, partner, and shareholder. I wish Sun would just come out with more positive messaging rather than spreading FUD about RedHat. Regardless of their bluster RedHat has a community of people behind their product and what Sun should be doing is wooing that community with more attractive Solaris licensing and support for x86. Yes, I know they are doing that now, but where have they been for the past 4 years? Suddenly they wake up from turmoil and expect people to flock back to Solaris from Linux or Windows? Get real and fast. I love Sun, but I wish they would stop playing the alliances game with Microsoft like some shmuck on Survivor.


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