Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Dangerous at Any Speed

I've finally managed to really get my Griffin iTrip working properly. Now I can listen to my iPod via my car stereo. The basic idea behind the iTrip is that you tune it to a "blank" station on your radio dial and the small FM transmitter in the iTrip broadcasts on that signal direct to your car radio. The trouble is in central New Jersey there aren't many stations that aren't already occupied. With the help of the iTrip Station Finder application, which can be downloaded from this page, I was able to find one station, 102.3, that was vacant enough to get good quality sound. My previous car setup was an exercise in distracted driving and it is a miracle I didn't die in the period I was using it. The configuration was basically iPod ear-bud in one ear, cell phone headset in the other ear and both devices resting on the passenger seat. The iTrip setup is much safer. Listening to podcasts has been a boon recently since I'm commuting about an hour to a client site each way. Listening to some geeky audio broadcasts have made the ride a bit more bearable.


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