Friday, October 29, 2004

4 more days...4 more days...4 more days!

You too George....

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Dangerous at Any Speed

I've finally managed to really get my Griffin iTrip working properly. Now I can listen to my iPod via my car stereo. The basic idea behind the iTrip is that you tune it to a "blank" station on your radio dial and the small FM transmitter in the iTrip broadcasts on that signal direct to your car radio. The trouble is in central New Jersey there aren't many stations that aren't already occupied. With the help of the iTrip Station Finder application, which can be downloaded from this page, I was able to find one station, 102.3, that was vacant enough to get good quality sound. My previous car setup was an exercise in distracted driving and it is a miracle I didn't die in the period I was using it. The configuration was basically iPod ear-bud in one ear, cell phone headset in the other ear and both devices resting on the passenger seat. The iTrip setup is much safer. Listening to podcasts has been a boon recently since I'm commuting about an hour to a client site each way. Listening to some geeky audio broadcasts have made the ride a bit more bearable.

Coffee Notes Interuptus

Damn! Dave Winer and Robert Scobel cut their conversation short in Dave's Morning Coffee Notes Podcast just when Dave was getting to some real meaty subjects around Microsoft really not supporting IE on Mac and the continued deterioration of IE with respect to features, innovation, and other useful metrics. Ah well.

Open Note to the iPodder Guys

Hey! iPodder guys! I think you need to consider either morphing iPodder as some kind of extension to an existing aggregator or maybe you could create one from existing components. You have some time because none of the aggregator builders seem to be jumping in on this podcasting meme and I think it has legs. So you might be able to capitalize on this momentary gap. Just a thought. Maybe not a practical one but something to gnaw on.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Gather Ye Podcasts While Ye May...

I've been consuming Podcasts for a few weeks now. I'm not sure this is a completely new idea. I mean Doug Kaye and other audiobloggers have been doing this for while. However the real difference here is that Adam Curry has done is mobilize some developers and make the process of finding audio content, downloading it in the background, and automatically updating your iTunes audio library, and all you have to do is sync up your iPod. Pretty cool. This simple software glue has completely automated what was once a manual process for some but more importantly automatically removes the download time from the experience. Of course another key technology required is RSS enclosures which allows anyone to automatically subscribe and check for new content as simply as pasting in a feed link into an application. It's simple as creating a bookmark in your browser. Instead of downloading content and copying it to your library manually this software will manage it for you. I'm really not doing the community justice with that last statement since there are multiple Podcasting clients out there now and I'm sure the feed aggregators will be adding podcasting features to their RSS/Atom feed aggregators. Another major contribution that Mr. Curry, and his compadre Dave Winer, are making is that they are talking about it, giving interviews and fostering the Podcasting community. I highly recommend those with iPods check out Go subscribe to some audio feeds. Sure some of them suck but there are a few gems in there. If your at all interested in technology you should certainly subscribe to the ITConversations feed. It's well worth the time.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

The Red Scare

What the heck are McNealy and Scwartz getting at with their not so recent line of attack on RedHat? It reminds me of Bush and Kerry and it sounds too much like Sun has nothing left to entice customers with positive messaging and are going negative. To my friends at Sun I would say extoll the virtues of your technology (Solaris 10, N1, Java, and your Identity products), proclaim your support of not only open standards but how you have and are contributing to open source projects all over the web. Stop with the negative attacks. Didn't the company learn anything in it's bitter struggle with Microsoft? Yes, I'm a Sun fan, partner, and shareholder. I wish Sun would just come out with more positive messaging rather than spreading FUD about RedHat. Regardless of their bluster RedHat has a community of people behind their product and what Sun should be doing is wooing that community with more attractive Solaris licensing and support for x86. Yes, I know they are doing that now, but where have they been for the past 4 years? Suddenly they wake up from turmoil and expect people to flock back to Solaris from Linux or Windows? Get real and fast. I love Sun, but I wish they would stop playing the alliances game with Microsoft like some shmuck on Survivor.