Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Friends don't let friends use Internet Explorer

The Internet Storm Center also recommends that people concerned with the recent crop of trojans switch browsers until IE is patched. This has led the folks over at Netcraft to signal that the opening of new hostilities in the browser wars. The article notes that while serious IE bugs have appeared in the past, the recent recommendations to switch to "safe" browsers is probably due to the fact that applications like Firefox are really viable alternatives. Firefox has even been lauded by software developers like Joel Spolsky. Of course being a Mac user, I've been using Safari now for over a year. I still insist on using Firefox or other Mozilla based browsers when on windows or linux. There is probably only one person at my company that still uses IE and this also happens to be the one user who's PC is continuously trashed by viruses and spyware. Most of the developers have switched off IE and even Outlook in favor of Thunderbird. Granted most of these guys switched for the SPAM filtering features in Thunderbird but they are protected from email borne viruses as a beneficial secondary effect. I guess the point of this posting is that people have real valid alternatives to Microsoft applications for their desktop. These applications are getting better every day and in some cases have actually exceeded features and functionality available in Microsoft products. If your using these alternatives, good for you. If your not, call me the next time your system gets trashed by malicious code that made it on to your machine via the latest IE or Outlook bug. I'll show you how to install and use apps that work great and won't give you a headache.


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